Sunday, December 04, 2005

OR versus AND: The Politics of Inclusion

You CAN have it both ways

My yogi friend, Rodney, and I were discussing the observation that some people are AND people and others are OR people, and this discussion became the seed of an observation I have had regarding current American politics. American Politics can be divided into AND people and OR people as well. One might say that the AND people are to so-called "big-tenters", since they are the ones most likely to tent their windows.
But what is this? The word I am thinking of is actually spelled "tint"?
OK. AND people are "big-tinters". But they are also big-tenters. And this is simple math.

Locally, the OR People are bemoaning the fact that Charlotte will soon be able to drive in cars AND ride on Light Rail. But they act like people will have to give up their precious automobiles, and say things to make other people think that as well. That they may do this to appease the auto dealers who advertise on their shows is a point worthy of investigation.

In truth, no one is going to have to give up their cars, but may, if they so choose.

AND People say you can have yet another mode of transportation. Choice. Options.

OR People tend to have dogmatic religious beliefs. It is not acceptable that one might abide by the teachings of Jesus AND Buddha, say, or Mohammed AND Jesus. But wisdom is not a zero-sum game. No one person has horded all the wisdom, and, as such, one may find it in many places.

There are other examples, but there are surely examples to the contrary.
If you have some of your own, please leave a comment, and perhaps a useful discussion will ensue. OR maybe it won't.