Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Democrats let Republicans Seize Alternative Energy, Innovation

Republicans Seize the Future, but is it a Snake Oil Symphony?

What could have been a winning formula for Democrats was usurped last night, and the result is that The Republican Party will now be synonymous with alternative energy, innovation, creativity. Yet another miracle is born in our topsy-turvy BushWorld.

You snooze, you lose. Poor Democrats. Poor Paddy Dignam.

Now, if the Democrats can hold Bush to his word, they too might be able to ride the coattails and be seen as at least marginally important in the development of alternative energy, innovation and creativity, as well as the future -- four categories that were once strongly identified with the Democratic Party.

Meanwhile, Democrats are busy becoming Republicans by embracing God, Guns and Goofiness.

For his part, Governor Tim Kaine gave a very good response with more substance and authenticity than Mister Bush, thus propelling this talented Democrat favorably into the national spotlight.