Saturday, March 18, 2006

Anonymoses recommends: Google : Current TV

The Network Created by the People Who Watch It

On Google Video Search (also recommended)
Google Video Search allows you to preview snippets of videos on a browser/thumbnail format, or you can watch the entire video by clicking into it. In some cases, there is a charge for viewing. Most seem to be free. You can even show off your dancing abilities!

Johnny Bell and Gotham Chopra talk about Current TV, and how it is part of the 2nd Internet Revolution. (Gregory Mantell Show)

Current TV was the brainchild of former Vice President and Internet pioneer, Al Gore.
Huge kudos to all those involved in creating this excellent alternative to the whoring Snail TV.
Hard to imagine Bush doing anything useful, like this, for humanity.

I predict Current TV,, YouTV and the like will drive a nail into the coffin which is the mainstream corporate propaganda machine.