Friday, March 17, 2006

Bush Simply Can't Keep Pace!

Jon Stewart's "The Daily Show", one of the two or three places, including the Colbert Report and Boston Legal, where the truth actually leaks out, runs headlong into George W. Bush, and his attempts to hoodwink Americans about Iran in the same way that he hoodwinked us about Iraq.

Check out this segment capturing vintage Bush at his lying best:

Bush: Some of the most powerful IED's that we are seeing in Iraq today-includes components that came from Iran.
Reporter: Do you have proof that they are indeed behind this, the Gov't of Iran?
Pace: I do not sir.

Video-WMP Video-QT

Notice Bush's famous Right Wing Right Wink. When he winks that right eye, you know he is signalling to the wingers that more good ol' Texas-style killin' is about to ensue. Just another reason Jesus hates George W. Bush.

(Hat tip: CrooksandLiars, Atrios)