Saturday, June 24, 2006

Life: It's quality not quantity

"Who wants to live forever?" - Queen

The British philosopher, Queen, once asked the age old question, "Who wants to live forever?", and the answer, as it turns out, is a fellah from Fuquay-Varina named Larry. But after seeing "An Inconvenient Truth", even Larry is beginning to have his doubts.

It is not good to live forever, and do not attempt to try it at home, especially if you live in a trailer. Hell, look at Aaron Spelling! He has some pretty nice digs, and yet he died. Unless the whole thing was a media stunt cooked up by NASA or PETA in order to bring The Love Boat back. But fact is...the Love Boat IS back, and we are on it. It is the Peace Train we are not on. And this is troubling, at least to Cat Stevens. Dog Stevens, however, is ebullient, but he is one of the famous Dogs of War we read about on the backs of cereal boxes. There are no Dogs of Peace, only Cats of Peace...and they are napping.

So don't go and try to live forever. After a few centuries you will begin to smell.
Instead, be content to live NOW, which is, of course, a show created by Bill Moyers, who knows how to live in the brief time he has been given.

Until the Supreme Court reverses the decision, it is still Quality, not seek quality in the life you have. I have, and can report that I am well on my way to having one hundred dollars. American!

Life is good. Well, at least I can pretend it is. In reality it is no bowl of cherries; no walk in the park. Perhaps realizing this helps us to let go when loved ones do leave us. Until then...

Love everything that breathes.

Back to you, Dan.