Sunday, June 18, 2006

What Would The Antichrist Do?

Beatitudes of the Antichrist

Blessed are the arrogant: for theirs is the Kingdom of Selfishness.
Blessed are the strong, for they will dominate the earth.
Blessed are they who cause mourning: for they shall spread discomfort.
Blessed are they who thwart justice: for they shall get away with it.
Blessed are the merciless: for they shall obtain money.
Blessed are the mean: for they shall ignore God.
Blessed are the warmakers: for they shall be called the children of Satan.
Blessed are they that persecute for injustice' sake, for theirs is the kingdom of Hell.

What would the Antichrist do?
He would start wars, kill people, be haughty and arrogant, ignore the poor, send the poor and downtrodden off to die in his war for Mammon and self-aggrandizement.
He would lie, cheat and steal to get his way.
He would pollute and denigrate the environment, and the people who depend on it.
He would bury the truth, and spin, spin, spin.
He would not walk among but poor, but rather wall himself away from them.

Washington is full of candidates for the position of Antichrist-in-Chief,
and many are willing lackeys for sub-positions.

Too bad God is dead, because he or she would have had a field day throwing these mousy little antichrists out on their ass.

And yet there they sit. Asses as wide as Texas.