Monday, August 07, 2006

Loserman Paying for Kissing Bush Ass

I guess no one ever told Joe that if you pull on your face, it will become droopy. Or that if you pull on your pants and find your balls have undescended, it may be time to take a break from the Democratic Party, Stewards of Truth and Peace.

I sorta feel sorry for Joe, but lookit. Surely he has squirrel away some of that PAC money, and surely he can bask in former greatness. But, like Cokie Roberts, he is so yesterday. And his hindbrain support of the war is, well, embarrassing. Who removed this man's trendbone?

Ned Lamont is somewhat wooden, but at least he has a library at Harvard named after his family. Can't be too bad. Even has it's own Henry Moore! opposition party is a good thing. Especially when the opposition is so incompetent, backward, wrongheaded, bloodthirsty, greedy, mediocre, and Texan.

Bloggers bring you down? So sorry!