Thursday, August 10, 2006

Why is George hiding? II

Well I guess my intuition was not on high alert for nought. Mr Fear hath raised his ugly head again, but remember...there is nothing to fear but Mr. Fear himself. And he can't be everywhere at once. As you will recall, fear causes people to do irrational and stupid, even evil, things. Screw fear.

After 9/11, a lot of people said there was a "failure of imagination". Okay then...let's use our imagination...

Yesterday, Tony Snow says: "A Vote For Lamont Is A Vote For Another 9/11"...and then what happens today? Oh shit! Big terror plot foiled. Red Alert! Red Alert! "We are at war"...
In other words...don't go anti-war on us!

But the timing? Right after the right-winger gets the boot? Of course. This is BushWorld. It is how terrorist governments operate. Oops! Did I apply too much imagination? Well, the administration told us, in so many words, that we need to use it more.

I know that Tony Snow realizes that he is lying. You can hear it in his voice. Maybe he wishes he could have worked for Clinton, who didn't try to scare Americans, but rather tried to lift us up...and did. Peace. Great economy. Internet. As opposed to what? War. Stagflation. Self-terrorism.

But back to the timing...
England knew about these operations (they say) for months. Why act now? Was it in order for Tony Snow to recall 9/11? It has happened before.

Juan Cole says that Bush has to do his war on Syria and Iran before this November, since the Democrats are not likely to fund such nonsense when the power changes hands.

I guess the point is...don't get fooled again.

U.K. Terror Plot Foiled Just a Day after Lieberman's
Defeat. Coincidence?


The pattern continues. A terrorist plot is uncovered just as the masses start to question national security strategy. The day after Senate Democrats brought a vote to pull out of Iraq, we catch a few idiots in Miami who were supposedly trying to blow up the Sears Tower, despite the fact that they lacked the means and ability to do so. Then there were the guys busted for supposedly plotting to blow up a New York subway exactly a year after the London bus bombings. And don't forget the release of new Osama bin Laden tapes just before the 2004 election as well as the very day after the Supreme Court decision striking down the Guantanamo Bay military tribunals. And now today, a few men in England were arrested for a plan to blow up planes flying to America, just a day after Connecticut voters flatly rejected Joe Lieberman and the war in Iraq.

We certainly can't deny that there may have indeed been plans
to commit these acts. But the timings of the arrest announcements are awfully
suspicious. All three were still in the works and had been monitored for several
months by very capable intelligence agencies. While the exact nature of today's
arrests is still unclear, none of the plans seemed to have been immediate or
imminent threats. The decision of when to intervene has been arbitrary, making
the coincidental timings pretty convenient. (And the question of whether some of
them are "real threats," such as the Liberty City "Insane Clown Posse" remain to
be seen.)

Imagine a conversation late Tuesday night between Bush and his
British Prime Minister lapdog, just as Ned Lamont declares victory. "Yo, Blair,"
Bush says while scarfing down a dinner role. "I gotta to do something about this
sh*t. Can you finally arrest those suspected terrorists you told me about? This
election business is ruining my vacation! I know you're chillin' in the
Caribbean yourself right now, but it sure would be great if you could make a few
calls for me ASAP."

Don't buy it? Consider this quote from a Reuters article on the story: "President George W. Bush had known about the investigation for several days, was briefed about it regularly and knew the arrests were coming, a senior administration official said." Both countries are surely monitoring several terrorist leads that could lead to arrests at any time. The British group would have been stopped
eventually, but there has been absolutely no indication why it had to be