Sunday, June 15, 2003

The Daily Brew
No Investigation Necessary
© June 15, 2003
The Daily Brew
There is no longer any real question about whether Bush lied to Congress and the American people about Iraq. He did. The aluminum tubes, the uranium from Niger, the unmanned drones rigged to spew clouds of bio-toxins over New York City at any second? All lies. The Bush administration's public statements themselves demonstrate these were lies, and no further Congressional inquiry is necessary to prove it.

But if the lies were bad, the innuendos were worse. Brazenly exploiting the tragedy, the administration intentionally (and successfully) created a connection between Iraq and September 11th in the mind of the public that simply did not exist. Bush sold the attack using the same smoke and mirrors Enron used to earn "profits." Again, Congress need not hold hearings to establish this fact. The Bush administration's public statements already on record are all that is needed.

Thus it really doesn't matter if they ever find weapons of mass destruction. The Bush administration isn't going to find Nigerian uranium or drones capable of attacking the United States no matter how hard they look. Even if they do find something else, Bush still lied.

While congressional hearings might provide some nice political theater (and have therefore been blocked by the Republicans), they are not really necessary. The fundamental question created by the war on Iraq has been answered.