Saturday, June 21, 2003 PAC
Here is the Howard Dean Letter to is having an online vote this week. Don't miss it!

Now we move on the Governor Howard Dean of Vermont...

Dear MoveOn member,
Our country is at stake. The Bush Doctrine of preemptive war is wrong for America. The Bush tax cuts are not about cutting taxes; they are about starving and destroying Social Security, Medicare, and our public schools. They call polluting our air "The Clear Skies Act," destroying old growth "The Healthy Forest Act," and taking away our civil liberties "The Patriot Act."

Brilliant! Better yet...true! A great opening graf...although "wrong for America". Hmmm. Sure it is true. But wouldn't "poison for America" be stronger? After all...they ARE the coalition of polluters.
Strange...when I first saw "Healthy Forest Act", I thought it said "Heal Thy Forest Act". Maybe they will change it now...

If you are as tired and angry as I am about the manipulation and lies, then please join my campaign by signing the Pledge to Take Back America. Let's show that millions of us are not ashamed to stand up for our values:

Now THIS is what should be coming out of the mouths of Democrats. Not the same old same old. Not afraid to call lying "lying". Not afraid to admit that "I'm ashamed to be an American, 'cause, you know, I'm cheap..." Something like that. Shame, indeed, has its uses. The Reich should try it sometime...

Too many in my party have failed to stand up to this administration's assault on our country's ideals. Let's show them that the era of conservative intimidation is over. People in Washington worry about "electability"-but they forget why they were elected in the first place. Silence equals defeat. Victory requires educating, organizing, and convincing.

I AM convinced. Who can top this? Anyone else of the 9?
It is 9, isn't it? Seems more like 3 or 4.
"Conservative intimidation".
"Conservative intimidation". Sheesh. Listen next time!
"Sorry, but it bears repeating..."

Defeating George Bush will take nothing short of a massive grassroots movement. That's why we've taken a page from MoveOn's book by providing tools on our Web site to help build the movement in your community. Click below to see what's happening near you and to join in. And please forward this email to your friends -- I want everyone to know that there is a way to get involved, no matter where they live, or how much time they have:
Candidates who continue to say whatever it takes to be elected will lose. What Americans want is a leader who believes in and will fight for sensible and principled positions, including balanced budgets, health care for every American, and a defense policy consistent with American values. The only way we can beat George W. Bush is to stand for a clear alternative.

"A defense policy consistent with American values..."
"A defense policy consistent with American values...YOU HEARD ME! I'm on to you..."
This also needs not only repeating, but inacting. Like Citizen Kane, America, under George W. Bush, has drifted into darkness. We now attack other countries, preemptively willy-nilly. Americans are not like that. We are much better than that. Practically the opposite. The Republicans down OWN the military or the defence of America...which is more than just intimidating and killing people. It is protecting and abroad. And not just our species. We are bigger than that. Our policies should be consistent with that larger view.

On my first day in office, I will tear up the Bush Doctrine of preemptive war. I will end this President's policy of domestic division. I will repeal those parts of the Patriot Act that betray the Bill of Rights. And I will roll back this President's tax cuts, because we will never achieve social justice in this country unless we balance the budget.

Dean is the one. The Grail King. The protector of the people. I can hear it in his voice...

I stood up against this President's attack on Iraq. I did not support his huge tax cuts. I did not support the misnamed "No Child Left Behind Act," which is raising property taxes all over America and bankrupting our public school system. Unlike all but one of my opponents, I have balanced a budget and I have appointed judges-and I am the only candidate who has made health care available to 99% of the children and 90% of the adults in my state.

...another reason to vote for Dr. Dean...

I believe that we can protect ourselves from terrorism and protect the civil liberties that make our nation strong. I believe that we can grow and prosper while also protecting our environment. I believe that a free and brave nation will always be stronger than a fearful nation, and I refuse to submit to fear any longer.

Hear! Hear! Bodhisattva!! As John once said...True love casteth out all fear. We must no submit to this cheap tool of Fascists; fear. People fear death. People fear poverty. Yet all die, and with poverty comes wisdom. Ask Meister Eckhart. Ask Peter Gomes. Hell...ask yourself: Am I getting any wiser standing here, polishing my cars?

Abraham Lincoln said that a government of the people, by the people and for the people would not perish from this earth. Only you-we-have the power to ensure that the ideals of America are not destroyed by this President's radical agenda. If you share my beliefs, then join me in pledging to take back America in 2004:
To plan or to join campaign events near you -- including a nationwide day of rallies and house parties on June 23 -- please click here:

Will do...

We can only undo the damage this President has done by coming together as Americans today. MoveOn-and members like you-have proven that the grassroots has more power today than at any time in history. Yet MoveOn took years to grow to the size it is today. We do not have years. Years from now will be too late. We must come together now to defeat George W. Bush -- so please pass this email along to all of your friends who believe, as you do, that we must act now to take back America.

Agreed. Those who are posturing for 2008 are doing a profound themselves, and to America and the Democratic Party.
We cannot let the theft, lies, poverty and violence continue.

Formidable, Governor Dean. I did not, heretofore, realize how timely, true, and important it is that you, or at least your ideas, become the fabric of America. We have been in the dark too long. And to think...Clinton ushered in quite a lot of sunshine. Only to be replaced by a rebelliant (my word) and floodprone weather, symbolically and otherwise.

If all 9 Democrats were as gutsy as least our side of the story -- the truth -- will get out.