Monday, June 16, 2003

Satan's Media are at it again...laying the groundwork for doing to Iran what we did to Iraq. Ah! What some people will do for money and power! But they still wind up with their ugly wives and uglier friends. No wonder they feel they need to be compensated...

Iddybud the blogger, from her infinite fount of insight, brings you the following related item...
Just one look at the headlines from this hour and you can almost smell the fishy PNAC planning their next fishy preemptive war...
Are you ready for more lies? More war and destroyed lives for oil and I mean ' the furtherance of democracy'?

--UN calls on Iran to allow stricter nuclear inspections (AFP) - June 16 11:23 pm
--Iran sends official protest to US over "interference" (AFP) - June 16 7:51 pm
--Tehran has failed to report certain nuclear activities: IAEA (AFP) - June 16 7:50 pm
--Iran sticks to refusal to allow full IAEA nuclear inspections (AFP) - June 16 4:03 pm
--North Korea exports missiles to Iran by air (AFP) - June 16 3:28 pm
--UN nuclear agency meets in Vienna amidst concern over Iran program (AFP) - June 16 12:12 pm
Jude 9:26 PM