Thursday, October 02, 2003

Rush and Pharmaceuticals or How Rush Listens to God

People have landed at my blog, thinking that Oxytocin is Oxycontin, or vice versa. They are not the same thing. Oxycontin , often called "heroin in a pill" or "Hillbilly Heroin", is apparently a highly addictive mind-altering drug, while Oxytocin is a blog. Granted, it is also a drug, a hormone, the love hormone, and not the one Mr. Limbaugh is accused of taking.

Is it true that Rush was taking Oxycontin? How should I know? I'm not his maid. My own feeling is that he is ill and needs that which money can't buy.
I feel sorry for him, which is strange, since I normally feel my blood pressure rise with his every utterance.

My wish is that he realize his mortality and vulnerability, and fling off the shackles that constrain him and pay him. Suddenly stricken by an inability to think beneath the top of his intelligence, he apologized for all which he knows was misleading, and tells what is called the truth.

Then he will be healed.

Who knows?

Now here's an interesting tidbit. Rush apparently talked up OxyContin on his show back in 2001.


OxyContin can be mailed to you. The prescription has to be hand-delivered by the patient or doctor's office to the pharmacy.

Rush Limbaugh (talk radio) talked about OxyContin at length today--maybe an hour of his 3-hour show. The talk was mostly about the abusers of the drug, and that it was a shame that the abuse affected people who really need it.