Friday, October 03, 2003

Total Recoil: Arnold Purges Jews from the Republican Party

Granted. Arnold swears he has changed his ways, and no longer thinks Hitler was such a great man, after all. Good. Welcome aboard. But what possessed him to hold such views in the first place? Was it because his father was a Nazi, and he was just honoring his memory and work by going along, making happy talk? And what about his high opinions of Kurt Waldheim? Sure, he has nice pecs and all, but one needs to draw the line sometimes. And Arnold hasn't. Not entirely. But don't expect me to step in the ring with him. He looks like one of those Reifenstahlian specimens manufactured to look good while doing pernicious and opprobrious deeds. I do not. I look like a swan. Should never have slammed on brakes.

But the Republicans in California might do well by a little Brakhage, I mean brakage. Is it worth winning California if it means alienating the handful of Jews who have attempted to find a home in the monoculture known as the GOP?

As someone who has disdained and lamented the very existence of Adolph Hitler since around the age of 6 or 7, when I saw a library book on his life and "work". I can still remember the images to this day. Someone had written little baloons over the pictures, with words written in. On one, there was a picture of a devastated city, and someone had written in the words: "Little bomb goes boom." Strange how I found that amusing at the time. Silly words, really. Many a better caption can be concocted by any dog or undergraduate.

Alas, I digress...

Anyway, I should think the Republicans might think twice before sacrificing hard-won gains. You win, you lose.

I personally welcome the homecoming.