Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Democrats, Use Your Time Wisely

Say what the Media are Afraid to Say

You are playing into the hands of of your real opponent. Stop chewing each other up. Instead bring out the big guns and level them at Bush and Company.

Say the things the media are too timid to say. Read Buzzflash for a good start. There is hardly anyone better at siphoning out the goods and listing them on one page. Many great sources, really. To simply say what everybody already knows is to say nothing at all. As Ogilvy says, "You can't bore someone into buying your product."

Use the time remaining wisely. Eight people blasting at Bush for a dozen hours can be way more effect, and inexpensive, than a hundred paid advertisements.

Who is the opponent? Dean? Clark? Edwards? is Bush the Preemptor. Replace him. The world demands it.