Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Metrosexual Smartmob Nexus

Metrosexual Smartmob Nexus

or... Republicans are so 20th Century

Whiny wuss and "real man", Mark Steyn, thinks he has discovered something new. Something called the "metrosexual". Now he thinks he is Magellen, but in fact he is not even Ellen. He is only parroting the words of his dopehead doctator, Rush Limbaugh...who rants, or ranted, on and on about metrosexuals. This fact alone should cause responsible parents to walk the other way...but Steyn is a rebel, an iconoclast, a real Bob Roberts...and the times are a-changing...back. At least in the minds of these 20th Century centurians.

But what are these "Uniters Not Dividers" up to? Well...they are up to their usual -- i.e. dividing. Oh! You're not a homo? Well you must be a homo sympathizer!
Now they just call it by the name, metrosexual. Lynchings may not be far behind. In fact, now that it is uncool to harass gays, these dittohead freeper types may well start targeting metrosexuals for liquidation, as it is now famously called by adipose wrecks of the reich.

For a take on how women feel about metrosexuals, take a look at blogstress, Iddybud, who always has the most marvelous things to say on a wide variety of subjects...