Saturday, November 08, 2003

God's Antagonism to Faux News

When a free mind is disinterested, God is compelled to come into it

"A philosopher named Avicenna said: "The rank of a disinterested mind is so high that what it sees is true, what it desires comes to pass, what it commands must be done." You may take this for the truth, that when a free mind is disinterested, God is compelled to come into it; and if it could get along without contigent forms, it would then have all the properties of God himself."
- Meister Eckhart, "About Disinterest"

How many folks in the Media, or indeed, nearly any other profession, church or political organization is truly disinterested, impartial? Supporting a special interest is, de facto, interested...not disinterested. Partial. Biased. And even if the party pretends to be fair and balanced, they themselves are partial, interested...and usually paid for being so.

God does not come to these people. Don't expect any high wisdom or anything else godly to issue therefrom. Indeed, you may find that it is as far from God as you can get. God did not, would not, work for Bush. But Tony Snow did, as did Brit Hume. But alas the same thing would apply to Jim Carville...but he never pretended to be speaking for God or from God's little corner.

And consider the case of Frank Luntz, who tricked us, via MSNBC, into thinking he was an impartial questioneer, as he led a supposedly undecided (regarding recount) group of voters...into the Bush camp. Should Gore just give up?

Why did Luntz do this to us? Why did MSNBC? GE? And why did the entire media machine follow suit?

Check out some of Enron Frank's work:

Most of these insufferable bloviators are partial, as I said, for money. Money can buy them more and more things, and make them more attractive in the eyes of the shallow. Many good matches follow. Shallow couples breeding shallow, partial notions. And yet the more things they accumulate, the farther and farther away from God and the truth they become. As Eckhart (from whom God hid nothing) says: "Keep this in mind: to be full of things is to be empty of God, while to be empty of things is to be full of God."

People need to really begin to understand this equation.

Many people get the false notion that non-conservatives think God should just go away, or that he or she doesn't really exist. But I think this is a wrong assumption. It is rather that God is intensely personal, not intensely public...and should remain that way. And as such, non-conservatives do often have intensely personal relations with God, and his close ally, the Truth.

Imagine a stock market where the value lay in one's personal connection with God. How topsy-turvy the world would become. Suddenly the poor are the most highly prized, for as Eckhart said in his "Talks of Instruction": "The more things we keep for ourselves, the less we have his love; the less we own things, the more we shall own Him and His... When we get rid of outward things, in return, God shall give us all that heaven contains, yes, heaven and all its powers, and all that flows out of God. Whatever the saints and angels have shall be ours as much as theirs."

Jeez! That sounds almost as good as stock options at Enron! Maybe even better!

People, readjust. The rat race is for rats. Screw the raise and seek the rays.

"For of all his gifts, gifts of nature, gifts of grace, not one was made with the idea that that we should regard them as property...and in order to teach us that, to impress it on us, he frequently takes away everything, physical and spiritual. We are to have what we have as if it were loaned to us and not given; to be without proprietary rights to body or soul, mind or faculties, worldly goods or honors, friends, relations, houses, castles, or anything else." may look good in wings!