Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Bush Administration Booed by Sims for failure to read the news

The Bush Administration are being booed by Sims for failure to read the news, and for failure to be on top of the information chain. For those who don't know, Sims are virtual citizens of SimCity, and they give feedback in response to conditions and actions of their "mayor"...who is the person playing the game.

One thing one learns while playing this game, based on sound planning principles, is that one needs to read the newspapers, and listen to your council members. Gather information. There is a storm brewing in the horizon! You must prepare.

But many in the Bush Administration brag about not reading the newspapers.
Even their top brass fail to read crucial documents.

And we, the Sims, are beginning to boo.
Fellow Sims are losing their lives, and we are discovering that, were you more informed, it never should have happened.

There was no urgent threat, as you swore there was.
Blood on your hands.
Bad Mayor!