Thursday, May 06, 2004

-`On listening to Franken, NPR and Rush at the same time.

On listening to Franken, NPR and Rush at the same time.
by Anonymoses

Gawd! I have just discovered a new way to make yourself insane.
Simply listen to Al Franken, NPR, and Rush Limbaugh at the same time.
Left, Center and Right.
Surefire results!

So far, NPR wins on the information scale. "The End of Oil" is the topic.
Al is frying Bush, and Rush is frying Kerry and liberals, sounding very nervous and apologetic, and promoting some book.

NPR has the distinct advantage of having no commercial breaks.
Al, at least, has interesting commercials.
Rush is the same old gutterhead.

NPR: We are fast running out of oil, and hydrogen is not a viable alternative.

Franken: Oy oy oy! Iran going nucular. Oy oy oy oy!
David Brock coming up. But when??

"The Facility"?

Rush is spewing prurience. A sick, sick bastard whose mind and heart is in the gutter.

NPR has now shifted to a book called "Why we Buy", speaking with the author.
"The Daily Howler" coming up on Franken! Yay!

Franken admits he got much of his info from the Howler...

I better focus...