Saturday, May 08, 2004

"Coalition Gone Wild" video of sadism at its most perverse

"Coalition Gone Wild" video of sadism at its most perverse

The world is discovering that America and our mighty coalition of banana republics and torture manufacturing companies is not entirely sweetness and light.

New pictures and videos of humiliating, murdering, torturing, and raping Iraqis are soon to hit the street (unless the Eisner censorship machine has its way) and poopoo is about the hit the air conditioner, soda speak.

But guess what? The I CHing told me long ago that this administration, this usurpation of democracy, this aberration, is darkness rising, light going into hiding. But the light will reemerge, just as the darkness is exposed for what it is.

Is the darkness too pervasive, too systemic, too high up the chain?

I guess that is what we will find out soon enough.

I'd say we have had quite enough darkness, thank you!

Here comes the sun!