Sunday, June 13, 2004

Petition: Change name of United States to "Ronald Reagan"

Petition: Change name of United States to "Ronald Reagan"

"United States" is such a stupid name. Like "United Kingdom", or "United Arab Republic". It's like "Building 17" or "Stalag 13". Not very descriptive, and maybe even deceptive.

What if, instead of "Colorado", "California" and "Carolina", we had "State #32" "State #47" and "State #12"?

Maybe this is why we like to call the United States..."America".
And yet, truth be told, America spans both hemispheres and is much larger than the mere United States.

Maybe we should take it all over, both hemispheres of greater America. Then we can justifiably call what we have: America.

OR...we can save our blood and treasure, and simply call our bit, "Ronald Reagan". But why name it after something dead?

America is moribund enough already. So liven it up a tad by changing the name of the United States to "George W. Bush".

If money needs to change problemo!

Then, that accomplished, we can start naming waste treatment plants, nuclear waste dumps and brownfields after Ronald Reagan.

The Ronald Wilson Reagan Hog Waste Lagoon.
Got a ring to it!