Friday, June 18, 2004

Religious fundamentalists such as Hezbollah flock to Moore film, Fahrenheit 911

Right Wing Hezbollah offers Michael Moore help in distributing controversial film


The drug-addict apopemptoclinic media mogul, Rush Limbaugh (Adipose Rex), has joined Hezbollah to help promote Michael Moore's award-winning film, "Fahrenheit 911" (Farenheit 911, Farenheit 9-11, Farenheit 9/11), which proves Bush is connected to the Bin Laden family through shady financial deals. Not a day goes by when Rush is not mentioning Moore's masterpiece. And now the Hezbollah wants to join Rush.

Do these Rightwingers never get tired of their own breath?

Of course Rush does not intend to be conspiring with Hezbollah, but neither is Michael Moore...which Rush is trying to lead you to believe.
He takes your gullibility to the bank each and every day. He has to. Guido will whack him if he doesn't. Even if Guido is Rushkolnikov himself.


This is an arcane but related subject. It has to do with Sataniel and 911.
When all the horror was happening in lower Manhattan, I was throwing I Chings on a porch in upper Manhattan and snapping pictures at clouds that would drift by...when not watching the events unfold on TV. The stench had not wafted north.

Two clouds in particular caught my attention. One looked like a dead man on his back, but also quite reminiscent of "Towing Jehovah". The other one looked like, well, the angel of death. And it was facing the tragedy in lower Manhattan. Very strange. I only wish I could have captured their presence on film, better than I did.

The picture on the right (above) is that second image...after being run through a Photoshop filter. The one on the left is a pictoral representation of Sataniel...and is not entirely unlike what I may have been seeing above Manhattan on that ill-fated September morning.

As many people were looking up in the sky that day, I suspect many others saw the strange "cloud formations". Please let me know if you did, and if you captured them on film.