Monday, June 14, 2004

The Ugly World of George W. Bush

The Ugly World of George W. Bush

Call me crazy, but this world, this new millennium, that has been ushered in by George W. Bush and cronies... sure is ugly! Gives a new meaning to "bad Feng Shui". Even the followers reek of the stench. Just listen to what comes out of their mouths! Or observe how they treat their brothers and sisters...all God's cheerdren.

Now count to 17. Backwards.

Observe the flesh that has gathered between your teeth. This is called "sausage". Do not allow it to pass.

It too is ugly. And shouldn't be digested.

Bring back the artists! Send in the clowns!

Waste lagoons are for pigs. We needn't swim in it to know it is toxic.

Vote out the bastards.