Saturday, July 17, 2004

Headlines in the News

by Anonymoses

     Millions of people are suffering in South Asia and our government is sitting on its hands. Kerry and Edwards should demand massive humanitarian aid, and they should do it now. America has the chance to become a Humanitarian Superpower, but Bush is a mere War President. Peace and well-being are apparently above their pay-grade or abilities. Perhaps even more egregious is the relative black-out of this crisis, and the escalating crises in Iraq, by the commercial media. In a related item, there is a column of why journalists help governments lie.
     In Iraq, things are spiralling even further out of control, so much so that one BBC commentator called it a "Civil War". But since this doesn't bode well for Mister Bush, the Big Media are looking elsewhere. At Martha, for instance. For her part, she is being a fearless bodhisattva.
     On the US Election front, Florida is, once again, proving to be as opprobrious as ever. Same old shenanigans are being pulled from the ass of the Bush family, and foisted upon Black Floridian voters. Greg Palast and Jesse Jackson are soldiering on in their attempt to ensure clean elections. Time will tell...
     Sir Elton John is the latest to decry the "No nay-sayer goes unpunished" tactics of BushWorld.
     FOX News is again in the news, as "Outfoxed" hits #1 on, and they get sued for using "Fair and Balanced"...which they clearly are anything but.
     The Drug/Media cartel are once again selling snake oil to a gullible public, even though their cures are often worse than the disease. With the Media so heavily invested in Drugs, how could they be so foolish as to critique their paymasters? Even if it might mean preventing the unnecessary death of innocents. Speaking of which...the NY Times apologizes for their "groupthink" which helped the Bush Administration hurl so many Americans to their unnecessary deaths. As Schopenhauer warned: "Dull minds think alike."
    The comeuppance of Tom Delay continues...

- Two Million People Marooned by South Asian Floods Are Without Food and Water
- Nearly 20 MILLION People Hit by Catastrophic South Asian Flood - a Tragedy Ignored by US Media
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- Senior Sunni cleric calls for "Shiite brothers" to join in holy war against US forces in Iraq

- Bush family again trying to steal vote from Blacks in Florida 
- Civil Rights Commissioners Want Criminal Investigation of Felon Purge
- Republicans Go Ballistic Over UN Monitors for Election 2004
- Florida Faces Vote Chaos in 2004, Commission Hears
- Fla. Lawmaker Says 2000 Election 'Stolen'
- Elton John: Bush Administration punishes artists for free speech
- 'NY Times' Admits 'Mistakes' in Iraq War Editorials

- 'Outfoxed' #1 DVD on
- FOX being sued for use of "Fair and Balanced"
- Think Again: Fox Outfoxes Itself

- Joseph Wilson Challenges Senate Intelligence Committee Lies
- Tommy Thompson Declares Obesity a 'Disease' just as Scores of 'Anti-Obesity Drugs' Move Toward Market
- New Anti-Fat Drugs May Cause Cancer - But the Media is Helping the Drug Barons Push them Anyway
- Martha Stewart: Fearless Bodhisattva
- 'Ethics Panel' Investigating DeLay Stacked with Repugs on the Take from Same Ethics-Violating Group!
- Operation Saddam II: Witnesses Say Allawi Executed 6 Prisoners in Cold Blood
- US set to develop huge bomb aimed at buried targets
- Selection of Edwards Puts Key Areas in Contention
- House Votes to Block Aid to Countries That Would Surrender Americans to World Court
- Bill Clinton sounds off on the current state of politics 
- On the trail of Bush's missing past