Monday, July 12, 2004

LEST WE FORGET: The 680 Illegal Votes of Bush's Electoral Crime

And How the New York Times Buries All the News that is Fit to Print in the 16th Paragraph

MANHATTAN--Remember that risible coterie of high-priced media types who posed as people dedicated to "divining the truth" from those impenetrable voter results from Florida?
Well, they finally came out with their own way to distort the truth, and it worked mahvelously! And to time it so that to even bother with it would be as unpatriotic an act as one may venture to entertain in lieu of the potential waves of negativism that one might unwittingly attract, thus form pools of tedium to splash through on their way to da troot. Scrotum.

Seems the article of Mr. Gore Vidal, who parsed and brought to clarity the data n'exist pas*, probably a ripple of the silence resident.

Ah! The silence resident! And the paradise lost!

Bring back the music, the far calls, the swan, O careful ones! Where the muse in the marching boot? Clock, clock, clock, clocking down time -- a rifle, a mitten, a rosebud.

Has Kane stepped into the dark again? Will Cain...his brother in silence and darkness?

* [editor's note: the Vidal article returned, as of last checking.]