Thursday, February 10, 2005

Triangular Blogging in Chapel Hill


On February 12, 2005, Chapel Hill, North Carolina will be The Nuculus of the Blogosphere.

Chapel Hill, home of the most ancient of public universities, the grandparent to all the rest, by name the University of North Carolina, or what some people call Chapel Hill, Carolina, the Kremlin, the Harvard of Publics, and our dear village idiot has tagged it the UConn of the Yukon -- wrong on all points -- is hosting the next in a series of historical events in which you, dear bloggers, may participate. In attendance will be today's Thomas Paynes, Ben Franklins, Mark Twains, Ed Murrows, Walter Cronkhites, and A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhubpadas. There will also be your Ernest T. Basses, your Goobers and Gomers, as well as your exemplary handygriffins.

Sign up here and learn more about the festivities...

Some of the participants are listed below. Their name is linked to a google search for their name so that participants can learn more about each one. Of course references may also refer to others who share their name, and in some cases, I searched their screen name, as I knew there would be too many references to their real name. It's mostly for my own benefit, but you may find it useful as well...


"Lex Alexander" :
"John Joseph Bachir" -
"David K. Beckwith" :
"Silflay Hraka (!) " :
"Jean Bolduc" :
"Frank Boosman" :
"Leslie Boyle" :
"Badi E. Bradley" :
"W Jeff Brown" -
"Steve Burnett" :
"Craig Caskie" :
"Janet Chui" :
"Rafe Coburn" :
"Catherine Collingwood" :
"Ed Cone" :
"Henry Copeland" :
"Jay Cuthrell" :
"Didier Deshommes" :
"Bret Dougherty" :
"The Debra" :
"Patrick Eakes" :
"George Entenman" :
"John Ettorre" :
"Herb Everett" :
"Susan Eversole" :
"David Feld" :
"Fred Fenimore" :
"Stephen Fraser" :
"Jeff Giddens" :
"Dan Gillmor" :
"Mike Graves" :
"Sally Greene" :
"Herb of Ramblin' Prose" :
"Andy Hill" :
"David Hoggard" :
"John Hood" :
"B. Adam Howell" :
"Ben Hwang" :
"Virginia Ingram" :
"Brad Jasper" :
"Dave Johnson" :
"Jeannette Johnson" :
"Paul Jones" :
"Tim King" :
"Derek Lane" :
"Robert Littlejohn" :
"Maximilian Longley" :
"Jason Erik Lundberg" :
"Ben MacNeill" :
"Karen A. Mann" :
"David Matusiak" :
"Lance McCord" :
"Fiona Morgan" :
"Jason Morningstar" :
"Eric Muller" :
"Mary Nations" :
"Jayson Ovittore" :
"Tony Patterson" :
"H.L. Person" :
"Alvin Phillips" :
"Stewart Pittman" :
"Sue Polinsky" :
"Jeffrey Pomerantz" :
"Robert Reddick" :
Corey Reece
"Cathy Resmer" :
"James E. Robinson, III" :
"John Robinson" :
"Sam Ruby" :
"Brian Russell" :
"Laura Seel" :
"Steve Segedy" :
"Ruby Sinreich" :
"Roch Smith, Jr." :
"Terry Smith" :
"Josh Staiger" :
"Christian Stalberg" :
"Fred Stutzman" :
"TheShu" :
"Mark Tosczak" :
"jw" :
"Ken Waight" :
"David Warlick" :
"Justin Watt" :
"Todd Wilkens" :
"Dave Winer" :
"Andy Wismar" :
"Rob Zelt" :
"Evan Zimmerman" :
"Tom Zito" :
"Bora Zivkovic" :
"Anton Zuiker" :

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