Friday, February 25, 2005

World Largest Collection of Slowheaded, Hateful Paraphernalia: Exhibit A

Right-Wing Stuff

Want to know if you are a Rightwinger? See if you can identify with these ungrammatical, hateful, pollutive, wasteful, imprudent, and backward products. It pretty well sums it up, and it's not a pretty picture.

Take, for example, the first item. It says:


How can six words have four errors, you ask?

These are the standards, or lack thereof, of these folks.

But beyond grammar, look at the sentiment.
!. Lashing out.
2. Enjoyment of inflicting pain.
3. Hatred of fellow Americans.
4. Hatred of Peace-lovers, such as was Jesus.
5. Hatred of Non-conformists.
6. Hatred.

And this is just the first one!

Or parse this jewel:

Even on drugs, Rush is right? Well, no, it doesn't say "right", it says, correctly, "Right". No doubt about that. He is Right. He is just rarely right. But how convenient that they sound exactly the same. But then to try to imply that even when he is f*ucked up he makes sense? So NOW it is okay to do drugs, since Rush lead the way!

And then there is that middle part which pays homage to the NRA and the Eric Rudolphs. The ad, which is what it is, ends by licking the arse of Oil and overpriced, overvalued vehicular overstatement devices, commonly known as SUVs.
But then there is the parading of the fact that they are among the top consumers in the world. The danger in watching TV is that you are forever coerced into believing you need to give them your 50 thousand dollars.

Hey! It's YOUR money! Not theirs! Don't let them trick you into thinking like they do, for it would not, in most cases, qualify as a step up the brain chain.

The others are too repugnant to display or even talk about.

Sufficient evidence that these folks are not hip. I'm glad I'm not one of their suckers.