Sunday, April 24, 2005

Going to BlogNashville

Are you going?

It has been a while since I looked at the list of folks already signed up to "please come to Nashville for the springtime", and so I am going blog my perusal of the additional folks I have yet to discover...

I peeked earlier and saw that the legendary Dana Blankenhorn is planning on attending, which spawned my excitement of yet other possibilities. I have read Dana's work since the mid-90s, and hope to get an opportunity to speak with him.

Now...whom else??

Weel, there is chris muir of who is coming up from Melbourne. Maybe he can bring my dear old friend, Ken Phillips, who lives right down the street in Palm Bay. He and I held each other's hand during the learning phases of the Internet, back in 94...when I decided to climb back in. An idea anyway. Carpooling is healthy.

Ross Myers from Greensboro! Awesome! Is Tara coming too? Hmm...
Minky Worden, from Human Rights Watch, and so many more. Too many to name really. Over 200. Maybe I'll just stay at home.


Maybe YOU should come, instead! Can I git a witness!