Sunday, April 24, 2005

The Mood of the Newsroom

First Draft by Tim Porter

Tim Porter, who will be attending BlogNashville from California, as he puts it: "interviewed several hundred journalists - reporters, photographers, copy editors, executive editors, designers, graphic artists. I've been in newspaper newsrooms of more than 500 people and in newsrooms of less than 50. It has been an immersion course in the mood of the press - and much of it hasn't been pretty."

He goes on the surmise the following:

Here is the litany of shame that echoes in newsroom after newsroom:
We don't have the money.
We don't have the time.
We don't have the people.
We have lousy editors.
We have lousy reporters.
We can't communicate.
We don't talk.
We don't listen.

But he also shows some bright spots, such as Greensboro.

"There are plenty of ideas for change out there and some very smart people pushing them. "

An excellent read, with much else besides...