Thursday, April 28, 2005

Where to find business blog feeds

Business Blog Feeds

When you search Google for "business blog feeds", at least today, you come up with zilch. Time to change that. Too much to learn to go racing everywhere for their feeds, when time is of the essence.
Therefore, I am cobbling together a page where those who often blog about business blogging are syndicated through the magic of java, rss, and so on.

There are plenty of good businesses with nothing to hide, and these should flock to blogging. For one thing, the ones that shy away are going to seem suspect before long. What is wrong with transparency, communicating, sharing, learning, educating, being educated, growing, evolving?

When companies and people share what they know, it has the potential of helping people who might not be helped otherwise, and it creates a situation where you want to keep learning, so as to have better and better things to impart. You grow and learn. Everybody grows and learns. People begin to trust you, and want to enter into a dialogue. The monologues of slow companies will grow tedious in the ears of those who, at best, sit on the phone for sometimes hours waiting for a machine to give them more hoops to jump through. As Harry Beckwith once noted, "Work is personal". But you couldn't tell it by the way some businesses behave today.

Blogs can help humanize a company. As a networking tool, it may well be unparalleled.

And if one considers the 19 or 20 critical subsystems necessary for life of a living system, blogging certainly supplies or enhances the Input Transducer, Internal Transducer, Channel and Net, Decoder, Associator, Memory, Encoder, Output transducer, even Decider, although it has little to do with Matter/Energy processes. But this is good, because a system is more likely to live the more it processes information over matter/energy. Dinosaurs are the converse. So are large, lumbering, deaf and dumb companies, organizations and prisons.

So I've created this page where you can learn about changing your company by seeing how others are changing theirs.

It's not my usual fare, but alas, I contain multitudes. :)