Friday, May 06, 2005

Gore to Get Lifetime Award for Internet, while Bush still tries to make money for Oil Companies

If Bush weren't dyslexic, would he then read the Internets?

The Man who won the Popular vote in 2000, and who should be president, has received some of the honors he deserves. Meanwhile Bush is trying his best to bring America to its knees, and doing a pretty good job. Under Clinton, no one would have thought or predicted the decline or demise of America. Not so anymore. And if we are stupid enough to elect another Republican after George, the nails in the coffin of our dying country will be hammered shut, and down we go.

I'm reminded of a scene in "Patch Adams" where the nefarious administrator is trying to tell Patch how it is done, and Patch says bluntly, "But you suck at it!"

Republicans: You suck at governing. Under your daft "leadership" there is no chance of there being exuberance, rational or otherwise. Only terror, war and manufactured fear works to your ends. The more astute of the duped are figuring this out.