Monday, May 02, 2005

Poor Red States! Poor, poor Red States!

The American Street - A Surprising Find in the List of Median Income By State

Why is it that Red States tend to be below the national average when it comes to median income? Would the numbers come out differently if you didn't factor in slaves? With millions of limosine liberals pimping desperate househoes should not the manufacturer of the chariots at least be warned of the impending swarms of locusts? And what of man's counter-inhumanity to unman? Will Jack smack the skeet? Green dreams sleep furiously, and yet yellow turtledoves are slow becoming extant, aneusly. Alight! The mose knows, only canst but tell William, caccinative in his land. Formicate your conscious gland. Blue water, blue sky, green grass and you. Tell me, what are you gonna do.