Friday, May 06, 2005

North Carolina Baptist Church Purges Democrats

Scrutiny Hooligans

Is your good, clean, Christian church bedeviled by DEMOCRATS?
Do you have problems delivering for the paymasters because certain people will not drink the koolade?

Rid your church of this menace! These are the Left who are Left Behind anyway! Reprobation itself!

Your church can follow the lead of the avant-garde East Waynesville Baptist church, long known for being at the cutting edge of atavism, and spearhead your own devolutionary purging.

Why wait? Now you can take your disillusionment out on someone else. No need to admit defeat. No need to question the ethics of taking those bribes disguised as faith-based initiatives.

You are playing army! And if you can't beat the Iraqis, by God you can beat the Democrats!
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