Monday, May 30, 2005

HoggFest BlogFest

Don't tell me blogging is bad for society. This weekend, Blogsboro bloggers gathered and created community and a good deal of cash for Jinni Hoggard, who is suffering from cancer, and the outrageous costs of health care.

If you or your company or organization would like to help, you may find more information here.

Here is a quick look at HoggFest through the eyes of Technorati:

And the tote board says.... 21 minutes ago
And the tote board says.... $9,171.00... ...was raised through all HoggFest related activities... and qualified Guilford County senior next year. This HoggFest funded scholarship will be given... agreed that the event will be repeated. In future years we hope to grow HoggFest into a larger Hogg's Blog 107 links from 62 sources

The Mailman Cometh 1 hour ago
The Mailman Cometh You ask, Gate Answers! Keep those questions coming and don't forget to write. Why weren't you at Hoggfest? My Dad wanted to see Revenge of the Sith, and I went with him to test my theory that Padme is who turned Anakin to the Dark Side of the Force. I stand gatecity 16 links from 11 sources

I Can't Believe I Ate The Whole Hogg 2 hours ago
Finally, I post the complete Hoggfest Round-up-- Blogsboro at its finest. - 12 links from 7 sources

Making Money On Your Blog 2 hours ago
to make money off of a blog is fundraising. Yesterdays Hoggfest was put together mostly Jay Ovittore's Blog 45 links from 30 sources

Hoggfest-Greensboro's Shining Community 2 hours ago
Hoggfest-Greensboro's Shining Community Yesterday was the long anticipated Hoggfest. For those that didn't know about it, Hoggfest was a fundraiser and charity event for Jinni Hoggard. Jinni has... with David(Oh, I'll just make it four kids). What I witnessed yesterday at Hoggfest, was a great Jay Ovittore's Blog 45 links from 30 sources

To Hoggfests to Come 2 hours ago
at Hoggfest yesterday. Ed Cone found them first. David Wharton expresses the same with his photos... nice people as I was at HoggFest." I had planned to go and help out for the afternoon. After being... single accomplishment of Hoggfest was one that won't be tangible for many years. It's the gift that we Chewie World Order 40 links from 28 sources

HoggFest the best 5 hours ago
HoggFest was a big success, and on many levels. It raised a bunch of jack for a family hit hard by medical expenses. It gave something back to a family that gives endlessly of themselves. It brought together friends, neighbors, and strangers for a good cause and a good time. It was an excuse 552 links from 397 sources

HoggFest Festival of Photos 10 hours ago
A Who's Who of Greensboro bloggers, musicians, artists, photographers, and grass-roots philanthropists turned out yesterday for HoggFest to raise money for my friend and neighbor Jinni Hoggard's breast cancer treatment. As I said to Jinni, it was a nasty reason to have a great party, and a really A Little Urbanity 42 links from 36 sources

Hoggfest 8 hours ago
Got back from the Hoggfest, a fundraiser for Jinni Hoggard, around midnight last night. It was quite a spectacle. Several local bloggers were there, including Ed Cone, David Hoggard, David Wharton, and Chewie. Not to mention, Billy the Blogging Poet, who gave several of his books to be raffled off Absolutely American 0 links

More HoggFest... check back for periodic... 9 hours ago
More HoggFest... check back for periodic updates The numbers: 10:30a - HoggFest organizer... she created especially for HoggFest will be hanging in the Hoggard mansion. It will always serve... the night before HoggFest. I finally got to meet her yesterday and told her how much I admire her stength Hogg's Blog 107 links from 62 sources

Come on down to HoggFest! 1 day ago
It's almost 6 pm and there is still time to go down for HoggFest. Man, are the ribs, music and the company a fine load of fun! It goes 'till midnight so come on down! Michael's Corner 9 links from 9 sources

HoggFest Is Rocking 1 day ago
HoggFest Is Rocking HoggFest is well underway, but you still have plenty of time to get there and enjoy the festivities. When I left a short time ago, there was still enough food to feed an army. Plus, the children are being entertained by a balloon artist, face painting, and an inflatable moon Patrick Eakes 55 links from 37 sources

Hoggfest!! 1 day ago
Got back from Hoggfest a couple of hours ago. Grahams and I went around 11-ish to help set up for the silent auction, which was still in progress when we left. There's been a nice steady stream of folks, and I met some of the locals I've know by blog, but not in person. David Hoggard's a really Artful Fantasies Journal 1 link

Hoggfest Today 1 day ago
Hoggfest Today Today is Hoggfest, an event to show support for Jinni Hoggard & Co. in her battle against breast cancer. It starts at 1 and runs until it stops I am told. The location is the Flat Iron in Greensboro. Gate can't be there because of some other commitments, but encourages you gatecity 16 links from 11 sources

HoggFest 1 day ago
HoggFest. Starts at noon, goes a long long time. Flatiron, downtown GSO. I'm on my way to help set up, as soon as I make some late-sleeping girls breakfast. 10:27:54 AM 552 links from 397 sources

HoggFest 1 day ago
HoggFest Come on out to HoggFest today. David has been cooking the pork since 6:30am, and Ed will be serving it up early this afternoon. A dozen bands are playing, and there are lots of activities for kids, too. The event lasts from 1pm until at least midnight at The Flatiron. Surely you can Patrick Eakes 55 links from 37 sources

HoggFest preliminaries... 1 day ago
HoggFest preliminaries... I drove the old oil-drum cooker down to the park across from the Flatiron.... If more show up, I'll put them on to feed the late night wave of HoggFest revelers. The big pig... additions to the HoggFest activities will basketball goals. Friend Tom Franklin is going to load up Hogg's Blog 107 links from 62 sources

All Quiet on the Eastern Front 1 day ago
All Quiet on the Eastern Front Don't expect much blogging from Greensboro tomorrow -- most of us are going to be down at Hoggfest, at the Flatiron from 1pm until. As much of the blogging corps will be there, it might seem logical that this would be one of the most blogged events in recent Chewie World Order 40 links from 28 sources

I'll be at the Hoggfest tomorrow. In case you don't already know about it, Hoggfest is a fund raiser to help David, Jini, and family pay the medical bills run-up during Jini's recent bout with Breast Cancer. I hope to see you there too. - 12 links from 7 sources