Thursday, June 02, 2005

A White House of Bloggers

In the future, the White House will have a hundred bloggers who interact and gauge the pulse and problems of people of all walks, regardless of the size of their wallets. Meetings will be held where the President discusses the day or week's findings, and solutions are sought immediately, with progress reports due the following week.
Around America and the world, bloggers are also reeling you in...

No! That is not where I wanted it to go!

But you see, there will always be reactionaries, and thus some people will, quite automatically, seek the worst motives, and posit them as your own, which, of course only the contrary could be true. And yet still, even by trumping the reactionaries, I also trump myself, inasmuch as I have, in the squabbling, lost my readers who simply have not the time to wait for me to finish.

But that is not all.

Bloggercons, blogfests, convergences and such will start occuring in such a way that an entire region will participate -- first here, then there, then Greensboro, then Asheville, then Athens and Atlanta, Savannah and Charleston. A sort of roving blogtour a la Grateful Dead concerts, with even the transportation from city to city participating in the roving circus of knowledge and jocularity.

I would like to invite Phillip Glass, Morton Subotnick, Steve Reich, Robert Fripp, Jon Anderson, and a few other good folks to join in the celebration, and hope that all would find it more than acceptable.