Friday, June 03, 2005

Downing Street: How many new dead? How many new killers?

Big Brass Alliance

A friend and I were talking tonight about the Downing Street memo and its implications, and was lamenting the future needless dead. I lamented the future needless killers.

If America attacked Iraq, not out of self-defense, but just because that was Bush's notion and desire...does that mean our soldiers are simply killing people for another man's notion? Will the psychological effects on the surviving soldiers equal that of those suffered by the friends and families of those who do not survive?

What good can come out of a project that is little more than a killer-maker machine? And what can be said of the inventors of this machine?

Our soldiers can be forgiven, as they were sold a bill of goods, and told that things were other than they really are. But what of those who have created so much Hell in the world?

How can we carry on, when the survivors are just as broken as the dead?

It is not polite to make others do your dirty work. It is not a gentlemenly thing to do. When will gentlemen separate themselves of such people? When will the real peacemakers be allowed to mend the wounds and begin weaving a little Heaven back into the fabric of life in the world?