Wednesday, January 18, 2006

PurpleStars: What Happen to MainStream Radio?

PurpleStars: daily adventures of a techy girl - What Happen to MainStream Radio?

I was readng PurpleStars' disconsolation with mainstream radio, and responded, only to find comments were disabled. Here is my response:

I share your lamentation.

I tend to default to NPR, which is, bar none, the highest quality station on the radio. No one else even comes close, except, perhaps Air America Radio. But when it comes to music...a different matter.

Charlotte has 95.7 "The Ride", which played somewhat obscure works now and again, and will play the long versions of songs. In the mountains, there is a decent station coming out of the Isothermal Community College, strangely. Chapel Hill has some good stations, but are hard to get outside the area.

The mainstream is polluted.

The best thing to do is this:
Shut off noise and listen to your inner voice. It will make you unique, since everyone else if filling their heads with other people's thoughts. Even music competes with your thoughts. Think of driving as a time to reflect and enjoy the gift of your own mnd.

All the best,

Now...go fix your blog. Don't show a comment link if you really can't comment, as it wastes people's time.
My hope is that you enable comments, rather than remove them. Without them blogging is mere dictation.