Monday, January 16, 2006

The Wuss Awards

Nominations for the Wuss Awards' coveted "W" are being accepted.

Who do you think was the biggest wuss of 2005?

We at Anonymoses have pondered this issue, and are in the process of narrowing down. So far, it seems Rush Limbaugh is leading the pack.

For those of you who do not know Mr. Limbaugh, let me just say that he is an entirely biased college dropout from the backwater of Missouri who is paid massive sums of money to say whatever is necessary to keep the ignorant from the truth, and to basically keep them angry. And although he claims to have a talk show, most of the talking is done by Rush himself, although he occasionally takes a caller, who invariably must wait and wait and wait for him to shut his nervous trap and allow someone else to speak.

Most of those who do get through are what are called "dittoheads" or "dittoholes" or "the uneducated". All they are there to do is to high-five Rush, and further pump up his already full-blown adolescent ego.

Should a dissenting voice make their way through the gatekeeper, Rush hyperventilates, yawps, and talks over them...then hangs up on them. Then he goes on and on about how the previous caller was a liberal this or that, and then goes on to argue with someone who is no longer even able to respond.

Like many. if not most, conservative bloggers, dictation is the rule. Comments are disabled. And their wussiness is complete.

But unlike their fearful leader, Rush and the Reichblog, do not actually kill and maim others...while sitting comfortably behind a desk or a Rove. This is perhaps the height of wussiness.

The Media deserve their own category of wussiness though, since they helped shoehorn the Wuss-in-Chief into office, and have shilled for his corporations ever since.

So many wussies, so little time...

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