Thursday, February 16, 2006

How Bush Raped freedom And democracy

The Height of Roodness

Using Altrustic Concepts for Selfish Ends

Look out Iran! Bush is coming and he's toting Freedom® and Democracy®. And while the American People cherish these concepts, we also cherish them in their highest sense, and not as a convenient lie in order to perform a bait-and-switch slight-of-hand whereby freedom and democracy become merely Freedom and Democracy, which are products designed to separate you, our enemy, from your life.

So now we see Condoleeza Rice asking for a 75 million dollar down-payment for spreading Democracy® over the humanity-strewn sands of Iran -- now that we've done such a killer job of it in Iraq and Palestine. Makes me think of an advertisement idea.

WAR: It's a killer job

or maybe

WAR: The Killer Job

But alas, it is probably already taken. At least I am consoled by Woody Allen, who once almost said: "I used to be an Ahmadinijad addict, now I'm a Bush addict."

As long as we can find new customers for our addicting products -- and slough off those pesky pensions -- the Economy® will do just fine.