Saturday, February 18, 2006

Thangs overheard in Charlotte, North Carolina


Inspired by the New York version, I have set out to collect thangs overheard around cheer. Thangs such as:

"Assum serium scrotage you got air bugs." (That's some serious scrotage you got there bud.)

"Suck my cat" (Something like that.)

What da hao yaw goan du nao? (What the hell are you all going to do now?)

"Shiiite" (Expletive deleted)

"I eat me some taters but got the squirts." (I ate some potatoes but got the squitters.)

"I had me dis gurl wunst who node how to cook corn pone proper." (I had a girl once who knew how to cook corn pone properly.)

"Yeaite" (Yes, all right.)

"It it'n what you do dat matters. It's who ya do." (It isn't what you do that matters. It's who you do.)

"That dut'n make any scents." (That doesn't make any sense.)

"Tuaabi robi samich." (Two Arby's roast beef sandwiches.)