Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The 2005 Koufax Awards: Anonymoses is up for Best Writing

The Koufax Awards are now open for nominations, and somehow I got shoehorned into the mix.
Even though there are many better writers on the list, you can still vote for Anonymoses since no one else is. It's the weird thing to do!

The Best Writing link is HERE.
The main list is here.

Check out all the categories though. Iddybud is up for best blog and blog deserving of wider recognition. Bora Zivkovic is in a few categories (Expert and Single Issue). Look for Coturnix and Science and Politics. Other local folks are Scrutiny Hooligans, Arse Poetica, BlogAsheville, Ed Cone, Pam's House Blend, Blue NC, and more. (I'll add more, and link, later. In a hurry right now.)

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