Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Angelic Dana Reeve Joins Christopher Reeve, her beloved husband, in Heaven

Dana Reeve was 44

Dana Reeve, wife of Christopher Reeve, Dead from Lung Cancer

Their love was, frankly, exemplary. We should all hope to be such angels.
And now their love is complete, as they join in the eternal family of Love, we call Heaven.
I can't help but be happy for them. It is us for whom I mourn. It is our loss.
The world is less bright without them. May we all learn from their extraordinary love and sacrifice.
My own beloved aunt died from lung cancer just 2 weeks ago, and today I decided to quit smoking...even before learning of Dana Reeve's departure. I can't help but drawn threads.

I once had hopes that Mr. Reeve would become another FDR, in that he would run and win the presidency. Theirs would have been an awesome co-presidency.

Alas, they are in a better place.