Saturday, March 11, 2006

because I can

Friend and poet, Billy Jones, wants us to consider the phrase: "because I can" so I cannot pass up the challenge (or he will beat me with his blogger bat).

There are at least 3 ways to look at the matter. Consider the distinctions:

because I can
because i CAN

The first meaning seems vapid, and the third seems adolescent, but the second one has resonance and worth.

Make a list. Write down all the things you do. Now calculate either the percentage or total set of people who also can perform that function or activity. For example:

Breathe - 100%
Eat - 90%
Fart - 92.8%
Sculpt - 19%
Write a book about life from my particular perspective - .000001%

Make the list as complete as you'd like.

Now, order the list mathematically.

Meditate on the list, then ask yourself whether or not you are spending enough time focusing on what you alone can do.

So many people waste their gifts trying to do what anyone else can do.

Dare to be extraordinary.
Dare to be yourself.

because YOU can!