Thursday, April 27, 2006

Kellie Pickler reaches her level, and fails to reach top 5

North Carolina Beauty Runs into Wall

There are differences between the great and the almost great. Andrea Bocelli broke the code. By bringing PBS quality vocals to FOX, he raised the standard, and only Katharine really rose to the occasion. Chris seemed willing to learn, but it all seemed new to him. I suspect Bocelli was new to everyone there, except Katharine. This is the difference. It's important to search high and deep when expanding one's repertoire. You give points for growth, but preparation is better than learning on the job. Paris also seems quite prepared for her few years alive.

I think Kellie sacrificed her place that others may stay longer. She didn't try to hide her mistakes. I think she is an innately classy and brave woman, and Lord knows she is beautiful to boot. And while she may not be quite ready for concerts, she could, and probably will, burn up some TV sets with rock/country videos.

Stay nice and everyone will help you...

It's interesting to ponder what the remaining five might be thinking.
I bet there is a good deal of secret wishes that someone else wins. Each have reasons why they could think that they deserve to win, except maybe Chris, who I think is astonished he has made it this far. One reason he is so likeable.
Taylor is the oldest, and thus should be rewarded per seniority. Paris is youngest and thus has the greatest shelf life. Elliott has had to overcome great odds. Katharine probably has the best training and range...and looks. I wonder who they would pick, if put to a vote...

Kellie was at her best when she was at her sexiest, like in the picture above. Last night, however, she looked like a 50s maltshop girl. A regression, as was the song. Meanwhile Kat was channeling Sharon Stone. Maybe she will resist the urge to go backwards.