Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Anonymoses' American Idol Assessment: April 25, 2006

Sex Appeal: The Secret Weapon

Stunning Katharine McPhee gets shafted by the judges. Simon says something about back pocket, making me think Paula may be taking bribes. Kat also sang Italian opera with Andrea, just as I had predicted on April 11th.

Katharine's strong point is that she could and would probably do Sarah
, Linda Eder, Dawn Upshaw, and the high end of the vocal art. Kellie
might not know to do such things, and be sucked into being a bottom-feeder. Let
us hope not.
Perhaps they will be given the opportunity to do some high art. This would
certainly serve as a shake out. Why not see if they can handle America's very
best singers?
We've been everywhere else!

But she also flashed the audience, exposing her undergarments to a grateful public.

Elliot Yamin was masterful, and even looked great. A little work on the jacket gape, but otherwise, he has a Tony Bennett appeal, and a great voice. He certainly came up, along with his clothes (excluding the tie) this week. He should sing "Send in the clowns".

Kellie Pickler was okay. She needs to be more original in her song choices, and should have taken advantage of Bocelli. Kat did. Kellie didn't. It will probably hurt her. Strangely, I think Kellie is more interested in eliciting sympathy, which is fine. She is still young at heart. She needs to realize that study is a serious matter, and that intellection is a good tool for study.
Keep the heart and looks, gain a head. You'll go far. Bonnie Raitt, Nancy Griffith, Celtic Women, Lorena McKennit...would all be good for you, I predict.

Paris Bennett was excellent. A step up for her, I suspect. For a variety of reasons, she may well win it. But Katharine was still the best as far as being the total package. It would be fun to see Paris perform some Josephine Baker or Neenna Frelon.

Taylor Hicks looked better than ever, but sang worse than ever. Milking the George Clooney resemblance is a smart thing. Try some tai chi moves and top shelf songs...or scat! Al Jarreau would be way cool. And something challenging, like Blue Rondo.

Chris Daughtry was brilliant. He may well win it all. I wish he would do "Working Class Hero" or "Einstein on the Beach". "Shining" bu Badly Drawn Boy would be a great one for Chris, as well as would be "I'd love to change the world" or "Hail to the Thief".

Culturally, Katharine wins, since she is the most flexible in the upward dimension. Love to hear her do some Eder, Gerrard, Upshaw, or even Cranberries or Bjork.

Kellie and Taylor seem most vulnerable now, ear-wise anyway.

I wonder, finally, if the judges are trying to talk Kat down, so to speak. She is turning into Rita Hayworth, and they don't see it.

Sex appeal is the secret weapon that only a few of the remaining can use with any great success. Kellie and Katharine, mainly. And it may save them, if they don't hide it under a barrel.

Better turn on the heat before it is too late! You'll have the eyeballs.