Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Anonymoses' American Idol Assessment, May 9, 2006

Half through and I smell BushWorld. Katharine McPhee is being given undue downward pressure. In the first round, she was, by far, the best performer...and yet she was given low scores. Ask the audience. They roared.

In the Second round, Taylor sings "In the Ghetto" beautifully, and Chris gives one of his best performances. Simon strangely voted it down. Whaddup with Simon? Payola? Utah Olympics? Enron? BushWorld?

Elliott was great with "Trouble". All judges agree...it was fantastic. Simon says he deserves to go to the next round. But they all do. Yay Elliott!

Kat ended the show with "I can't help falling in love with you", and frankly, I am concerned for her longevity in the competition. I still think she is the most gifted of the four, but those judges really do frame how some people remember it. Her first song was far better than they voted...yet again. Will we see more apologies? People should speak out. This is, after all, more important than war with Persia.

As far as who will leave? Very tough call. Not Chris. Not Katherine. And Elliott is the most improved. Adios Taylor!