Saturday, May 13, 2006

Mining the President BACK!

"We're not...mining or trolling through the personal lives of millions of innocent Americans."
...but we ARE mining and trolling through the personal lives of millions of OTHER innocent Americans (he somehow forgets to say.)

Who, besides me, thought that statement sounded fishy?

It would not surprise me to hear that they have been siphoning money out of American bank accounts. Lookit! These are anti-government businessmen whose bottom line is their own bottom line. But what is good for Enron is not nearly good enough for the American government, I mean ideally. Their job was to drown the government, and Katrina helped them along. To them, Americans are just customers for their products. But their products always have secret ingredients. If it's not nicotine, it is caffiene. If not caffiene, it is oil. If not oil, it is drugs. All kinds. Legal and illegal. Addiction sells.

Imagine walking into a store, and the moment you arrive, their database tells the staff everything about you, even how much money you have in the bank. While not siphoning your account, which they also do, they know with whom to deal, how much to charge, etc. Big Cookie, if you will.

This is BushWorld. But now we hear they are spying on us with satellites, reading our emails, listening in on our conversations, like some snoopy neighborhood gossip.

It is so tedious, having such greedy, selfish, arrogant boors represent the American People, whom I hope is far better than these lowly killers of men, women, children.

But the American People need to mine THEM! Want to see what life was really like on, say, September 10, 2001? Simple! Go to the Internet Archives and type in the website you want to see. But wait! What is this? No records for the weeks before 9/11?!

What is hidden in those weeks? For one thing, the moribund economy.
Whatever it is, the Sunshine President is likely to blind your eye to it.
Welcome to the Misinformation Age!
With George, the Miseducation President...