Friday, October 10, 2003

Anonymoses presents:


Tired of the same old blather? Tired of words like piffle, nexus and pathetic?
Tired of phrases like "There is no question but that ..."?
Let the Political Verbivore help you out of Clicheville. Let him or her show you some new words with which to browbeat your political opponents.

The PV will pop in here every so often and edify us with his or her verbal blepherospasms.

Why here he is now!

Not much time. Here eat these. Gotta go.

SCAREBABE - Relates to scaring babies. Used as a noun or adjective. EX: Bush's scarebabe policies toward the most primal foods of water and air caused Republican mothers to sit on their hands during the election. Tom Delay was such a scarebabe that he never campaigned among real people.
QUAKEBUTTOCK - A coward. EX: If you weren't such a quakebuttock, you wouldn't need a gun.
WHARFINGER - The owner of a wharf, but SOUNDS like Warfinger, which is not yet a word. OK I just deemed it a word. It means organic disgust at war, and all its rotten fruits.
WARFINGER - Organic disgust at war, and all its rotten fruits. EX: The only thing I shoot is the warfinger, and I do it in your direction.