Friday, October 10, 2003

Hey Nonny, Nonny!

People; hominids, often say to me, they say: "Hey Nonny...who are you talking to when you write your blog?" To which I usually respond: "Which blog"? (For you see, it really does make a difference.) But this usually confuses the querent (since I hang out at sanitoria, usually feeding them soylent green through the tynes of the fence) and they move on to greyer fissures, being fissure kings in the court of The Fisher of Rolando. Percevalis est.

Sometimes they, in their insanity, ask me (again) how I came to be named Nonny, to which I (again) respond by telling them that it is a nickname for Anonymoses, which generally sends them down the path of asking about other nicknames that have been foisted upon me over the millennia.
Names like Surreal McCoy, Yokel from the 8th Dimension, Mr. Wondrous, Adamant Steve, Clara Bowie (on my prettier days), Buckwheat, Annoythemost, Analmouse, (these two from detractors), Oliver Sutton, Lee Marvin, Abel Baruch, Melchizedek, Acey Bach, T. Wedanta, Swamiprob, Hugh Pada, Yaggers, Ryni, Daveithe, A.L.P. Coel, Luke Cool, The Number 13, Sharday, George Michael Jackson Brown, Prince Albert Gore Vidal Sassoon, Osama Ben Franklin Roosevelt Greer Garson Kanin Abel, All and get the picture. I rarely tell them.

I'll have to get back to you on the rest of the story. My glass fingers do weary early.