Sunday, October 05, 2003

SNL : Why Bother?

I saw the very first Saturday Night Live. It was fresh. It was ballsy. It took on the establishment...and was funny. Very funny.
The players were even gifted. One could sense that the Second City proverb "Think at the top of your intelligence" was still very much alive and well.

Those days have long passed. Thank God for the wondrous physical comedian and Renaissance Man, Jack Black, who was the bright spot of the evening. Even Smigel, always the best part of the show, seemed to have lost his nerve. Whither the edge? Why the middling intelligence?

Maybe it will get better in the second half -- it is still on, and currently there is, mercifully, a commercial break.

I'll return when it's over and see if it gets any better. I'm not holding my breath...

Well, the News segment pulled it out. But, as others have noted, it is still not as scintillant as Jon Stewart at The Daily Show.

We are glad to see Tracy Morgan go, and hope that Horatio Sans works a little harder this year. He is no John Belushi, no matter how hard he tries to look like him. Chris Parnell, will, I predict, emerge as the leading light of the new pack. I just hope that they quit skirting political issues, and, instead, take on the madness...left and right. Clinton was fair game. Bush should be as well. When did Lorne Michaels become so pussilanimous anyway? Is he overpaid or something?

If they don't change...this current pack may well preside over the demise of SNL. It's time may alas have come. We hope not. But there are alternatives now, and they are, at present, much better than the current far.


Linda Holmes shares my grief over the sad moribunditude of the erstwhile humorous institution:

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