Thursday, October 09, 2003

Kelsey Grammer: A Bob Hope or a Nixon?

Kelsey Grammer has a golden opportunity. I wonder if he knows it. Now that Bob Hope has died, there will be great nostalgia for him. And no one looks like Bob Hope as much as Kelsey Grammer.

But Kelsey Grammer is thinking about getting into politics. The man in politics he most resembles is Nixon.

Granted, all three are Republicans. Hope's son-in-law was apparently a lobbyist for a military contractor. Hope is no Nixon, but Grammer may be thought of as one...should he forego this golden opportunity, and chose politics instead.

Kelsey is a smart man. Almost as smart as David Hyde Pierce. Maybe he will realize he can do more good as a funnyman than as just another Republican token.

Time will tell. But Kelsey...if you take my advice...remember where you heard it. I take donations.